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Want to earn some bucks with us as affiliate partner?

We are open for business!

What you can expect as Laurel Agency affiliate partner?

If you have business spirit and right attitude you can always recommend our services to those who would appreciate it.

We always consider this kind of effort and we reward it generously.

As our affiliate partner on regular basis or just someone who recommends our services once, you can expect:

30% commission on first transaction

By bringing us new client you will get 30% commission of first transaction from this client.

20% lifetime affiliate commission

During whole cooperation with client brought by you, you will get 20% commission from every transaction of this client.

Full transparency with our affiliates

We take our partners really seriously. That's why we are fully transparent to each of our affilate partners and they got clear idea of commissions.

Wanna start as our affiliate?

Well, then fill the form below and we will get to you right away!